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- Rancho Baiguate, Jarabacoa

Species on exhibit:
- Family Papilionidae
- Family Nymphalidae


With the recognition and support of the Ministry of Environment and
Natural Resources of the Dominican Republic.

This family includes the majority of the species of butterflies of the country, of medium and large size, with vivid and very showy colors. Here one exhibits 4 species: butterfly zebra (heliconius charitonius), the known butterfly agraulis (agraulis vanillae), butterfly dras (dryas iulia) and butterflies as Monarch pertaining to Danaus generate.

This family includes colorful butterflies and of considerable sizes. In the country there are 9 species of Papilio butterflies of which 4 are endemic, and an introduced species, at the moment catalogued like invader (papilio Demoleus). Of the 2 species that are exhibited here they are smaller plagues of the citruses, with the exception of papilio demoleus, that is a severe plague of these cultures. Butterfly androgeus (heraclides androgeus) and butterfly papilio of the citruses (papilio demoleus).
Baiguate GREEN:

Rancho Baiguate jointly with the Entomologist Kelvin Guerrero, has developed the first concrete initiative in the country of a sustainable project of raising and exhibition of species of Dominican butterflies. This project basically has three phases:
    Property of butterflies, where these put eggs in host plants
    Raising of the caterpillars
    Exhibition of the butterflies in mariposario PAPILLON GARDEN,     
    constructed for such effect.

Our project is merely sustainable; we did not collect species of wild butterflies, reason why we did not hit the natural populations. We raised the species of butterflies in our property. In addition we contributed to the biological control of mechanical way, collecting the worms of the butterflies that attack the fruit cultures like citruses, passion fruit and granadillo. Also we helped to maintain the wild populations of butterflies within lands of Rancho Baiguate through promotion of the gardens of butterflies. PAPILLON GARDEN, 6 species of pertaining butterflies of two relatives are exhibited who are very common and frequent throughout the year and with an ample distribution of all the national geography from level zone to mountainous areas.